Sincemat Co., Ltd is a outstanding manufacturer of Titanium,Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium series products in China, it is established in 2003, headquarter in Shanghai.

Our products are Titanium series, Tungsten series, Molybdenum series,Tantalum series, Niobium series, including sheet,plate, strip, rod, wire,tube,target, crucible,boat, ring,screw,nuts etc.We focus on providing highest possible quality,most competitive price,prompt delivery, excellent service for our customers. Our mission is to make our customer most satisfied. We sincerely hope that our work will bring more value for our customers.

We passed ISO9001:2015 certificate.We have excellent quality control system---from the introduction of raw materials,the production process,to the final products. We examine every step,which guarantee that we can supply products of stable quality.There are numbers of high level managers, technical experts and skilled workers who are at work for our plant. So we can meet the needs of various materials and products for our customers' requirement.
During the past several years, we have invested to improve our production line with new technology and equipment, production efficiency has been greatly improved and more high-tech products have been developed. We will keep investing new technology and optimizing our production line and sales chain, we are determined to serve our customers' every needs with best products best service. At the same time, the principle we always hold is to put the cost to lowest in various parts when the quality is guaranteed, which enable us to provide the most competitive price for customer. Meanwhile, we always try our best to deliver our products as soon as possible.
The name "Sincemat" come from "sincere materials", as we established the corp, we hold the belief that we should be most sincere and honest. Thanks for all of our customers support, our corp have achieved great development. We will try our best to do better in the future.
2000T forging oil press